All “plug ‘n play” UPS’ supplied by UPS Electric come with a 12 month “walk-in” warrantee against bad workmanship and manufacturing faults. This includes internal batteries and working parts.

Installed UPS systems exceeding five kilowatts will carry a 36-month warrantee.

Our warrantee does not cover external batteries and in all instances the battery supplier will determine whether the fault is covered under their warrantee policy.
Electronics and other parts damaged due to excessive overload, power surge/spike, lightening or misuse in anyway will not be replaced or repaired under warrantee.
Any faults due to any workmanship not carried out by UPS Electric or their appointed agents will not be covered under warrantee. Any faults as a result of installation errors will not be covered under warrantee.
If the product has been opened or tampered with the warrantee will no longer apply to that product.

UPS Electric reserves the sole right to determine if a fault falls under our warrantee policy. We charge a minimum amount of R275-00 to examine any faulty product and we are happy to waive this cost should the fault be covered under our warrantee policy.